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Sausage ‘n’ Fries Frittata

“Because for potatoes and for worse…! Right?” This dish could be characterised as my favorite reminding me of my University years and way back my childhood years…A piece of this frittata is never enough…a whole pan of frittata is better put! It’s very easy and fun to make because anything that includes little cocktail sausages… Continue reading Sausage ‘n’ Fries Frittata


One-Pot Potatoes (Γιαχνί)

“Oh dear lord! Those potatoes are the easiest (and greek-est) recipe ever to satisfy your winter hunger and blues! Tasty, soft with an aromatic tomato sauce! Just see for yourself and bring on the feta cheese and a huge loaf of bread!” WHAT YOU NEED: 2-3 cups olive oil (that’s Greece alright!) one potato per… Continue reading One-Pot Potatoes (Γιαχνί)

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Bloom! (Eggplants with tomatoes) English-Greek

This traditional Greek dish has such a fun name and rich taste, too! We call it “Bloom” because you toss all the ingredients in the pot and you’re done. So, “bloom” is the sound anything dropping into water makes. Bloom! Αυτό το παραδοσιακό ελληνικό πιάτο έχει ένα αστείο όνομα και πλούσια γεύση επίσης! Το λέμε… Continue reading Bloom! (Eggplants with tomatoes) English-Greek


Secret Bries (Baked Fries) by Fotini!

“Crunchy on the outside but smooth and silky on the inside, those baked fries are addictive!” If you are a potato lover , like me, then those fries are for you! They are healthy and quick but so tasty ,thanks to the secret ingredient, that you won’t believe they’re baked and not fried. So eat… Continue reading Secret Bries (Baked Fries) by Fotini!