Melomakarona (Greek traditional Christmas Cookies)

Oh how proud I am every year I make them! They are Mom’s recipe, which means they can never be wrong, they are bound to be tasty and luscious! Very easy to make and a guaranteed success! Only when I taste the first one do I understand it’s actually Christmas time! The aromas of cinnamon,… Continue reading Melomakarona (Greek traditional Christmas Cookies)

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4 Pinterest Recipes I’ve tried and loved

Hello heartsnyumers and have a lovely November! What’s cooking? Did you enjoy your Halloween? How many treats did you score??? It’s the 1st of November and I realised it’s only two more months for this amazing year to go!!! So, in this cold weather (it’s 10 C – 50 F -here in Athens), feeling extra… Continue reading 4 Pinterest Recipes I’ve tried and loved

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Because it’s Monday and you need something to help get over the blues! Because the weekend is coming and you need a quick and delicious treat for friends that might stop by. Because it’s those days of the month. Because you love your fiance. Because you just returned from the gym. Because your colleagues will… Continue reading BUTTERMILK COOKIES with COCOA