Breakfast time. · Potatoes!

Sausage ‘n’ Fries Frittata

“Because for potatoes and for worse…! Right?” This dish could be characterised as my favorite reminding me of my University years and way back my childhood years…A piece of this frittata is never enough…a whole pan of frittata is better put! It’s very easy and fun to make because anything that includes little cocktail sausages… Continue reading Sausage ‘n’ Fries Frittata

Breakfast time.

My Breakfast Blender Smoothies

Hello there fellas! How are you? Did you enjoy your weekend? Mine was full of wedding planning and a lot of hanging out with firends, playing board games and of course indulging in greesy and tasty pizza and fries!(I’ll fit in that dress-don’t judge!!) That’s our favorite gathering activity and we deeply enjoy trying different… Continue reading My Breakfast Blender Smoothies

Breakfast time. · Desserts

Pear ‘n’ Ginger Pies (aka the best air freshener) and bonus Wedding Dress news!

Hello there heartsnyumers! How are you? What have you been up to? Me… well…. I might have said YES TO THE DRESS!!! Hooraaaaayy!!!! Actually, I haven’t said yes per se, I just have concluded on the one and I will book another appointment to try the same dress on again and then put down a… Continue reading Pear ‘n’ Ginger Pies (aka the best air freshener) and bonus Wedding Dress news!

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The fluffiest Pancakes!

Hello there love-eating friends! It’s been a couple of days I haven’t posted anything but we have been extremely busy the whole weekend. Nikos was the best man -or the koumbaros as we say here in Greece- to his best friend and we spent the whole week meeting with firends, planning and partying till the… Continue reading The fluffiest Pancakes!