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3+1 Favorite places to eat in Athens

“…I couldn’t help but notice that I haven’t shared with you, here on my blog, a few of my favorite greek spots to eat in Athens.” Hello there! I have to share that I am sick. Stuffed nose and terrible headache. And no, it’s not the crazy bachelorette party my friends had organised for the… Continue reading 3+1 Favorite places to eat in Athens

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Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

“This cake ticked all the boxes of light and delicate flavor and texture.” Hello friends! For those of you who read my previous post and understood my worries and the feelings I’ve been experiencing that past weeks, I have to inform you that my Tuna Pastitsio worked! Nikos loved it and it immediately warmed our hearts…We came closer emotionally… Continue reading Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

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Our Special Day spent in New York (ring included!)

Hello lovers of all continents! I cannot tell you how happy and emotional I am today… It is our Ringversary and I feel very blessed to have experienced an amazing day and year with my man….Reminiscing the moments of my special day back to a year ago I feel nostalgic and proud to have this… Continue reading Our Special Day spent in New York (ring included!)