It’s me!

Hello there, friends! Welcome to Hearts ‘n’ Yums.

I’m Evgenia. A Greek, passionate-for-tummy-pleasing-yums girl, and an eternally learning English lover, living in Athens, Greece.


In 2002, I left my parents and my hometown in the Pelloponese, for my English Language studies and my English teaching job. English has become my second Mother Tongue and this will explain why most of my posts here are in this language.

As a college student I had to cook for myself.  After feeling frustrated for constantly putting together pasta with ketchup and lettuce (still can’t believe it) I knew my taste buds had woken up asking for more.  Following Mom’s and Grandma’s recipes introduced me to the magical kitchen world. New recipes, combination of tastes, burnt food and take-outs made me understand that when I cook or eat well-prepared food I feel happy, blessed, excited and my heart gets warmer and sillier…

Feeling warm and silly after tasting 5 different kinds of wedding cake!


Some years ago I moved in with my boyfriend- my shy but fervent supporter and partner in crime- and really took it to a next level trying out new restaurants, enjoying mouth-watering delicacies in our travels and field trips and even hosting dinner parties filled with wows from our friends. This was how I realised I had a calling for cooking and baking that can never end. I am always on the search for new recipes, new combos, and new ingredients which I tend to fall for periodically, such as my passion for Ginger or Nutmeg. What has remained stable is my unlimited love for Red Velvet anything!! 

That’s a Red Velvet surprise Birthday Cake.


Happy in a lovely Burger place in Athens! (And yes, my mouth is open-smiley in all the photos just because there is food near me!)

 As an amateur, I spend hours looking for the perfect cake recipe for our Anniversary or His birthday. Snacks for friends parties or even cookies for our Engagement party. Somewhere between Christmas feast preparations and recipe hunt for my Name Day party, I decided I had to put all this energy and flair for discoveries out there. So, the idea of blogging got in my mind. I started with my Facebook page and six months later, here I am. 

As I type these words I feel eager, thrilled and a bit scared, too, for what the future holds for me during this creative process of sharing.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I can’t wait to fill your Hearts with Yums!