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New York Food Places I’ve tried (and loved!)

⇒⇒I feel like I should write this post in English since it might be of interest to other possible NYC tourists of any nationality. So, my greek friends, please bear with me and try to read along AND PRACTICE YOUR ENGLISH, DUDES!!⇐⇐

So, I’ve been dying to write this post for a while, and now that our honeymoon in the Big Apple is getting closer I feel like I should relive and share the tastes we experienced last year there, and get ready for more to come!! I’m not including prices because I feel it’s a subjective opinion and always according to budget. Generally, everything we tried was of average price, nothing too fancy or expensive.

No one has really answered to my NYC HONEYMOON – ANY SUGGESTIONS? post for new ideas (sad face), so I’ll do what I know best! For last year I had made an Excel list of restaurants and bakeries according to area, borough, price range, rate, internet access and happy hour! Yes, I am a Capricorn! I found A LOT of food places after Instagram follows and Yelp review readings. We had downloaded it to our phones so, it came very handy. Whenever we felt hungry and according to the area we were in, we checked our list and off we went. I’ll have to revise this list for this trip and add new spots I’ve discovered on the internet (aka Instagram!)

UMAMI Burger (Greenwich Village)

Oh dear! I had never had a healthy turkey burger filled with greens and a light green sauce tasting SO GOOD! We ended up ordering a second one for dessert! Nikos ordered a richer one, with a nice spicy tomato sauce that was amazing. The highest taste of all, though, were the sweet potato fries, glazed with maple syrup and topped with bacon and chives…. I know! Sweet, spicy, savory all in one! And they came with four different dips to try them, but we managed without them. For the second helping, too!!! The place was not very busy due to the extreme cold, so we had no problem finding a table. A lovely waiter, named Patrick, all smiles and manners, made our night so special!




Bill’s Bar & Burger (Meatpacking District)


It’s been a long time to remember the exact choices of burgers we made, I always opt for lighter ones and Nikos for spicy and all meat-y ones. But I remember that they were so juicy and rich in taste that we fell in love. The caramelised onions were great! I will always remember, also, the chilly fries with pork mince. That was the best taste for a really cold and tiring day to end. The waiters were all friendly and the place quite busy but cozy and romantic. Magic!

I think this was bacon jam!!



Shake Shack (Grand Central Station)

Do I really need to recommend this place? It’s the mecca of burgers. Short menu but endless explosions in your mouth. Descent quality and for a fast food chain it really amazes. Juicy, light, simple burgers and those fries!!!!!! The hot dog didn’t really shock me. Next time I’ll definitely try the milkshakes. In the Madison Garden, too. The waiting in line part is so fun because you are given a vibrating beeper for when your order is ready. So funny!

Waiting for the vibration!


Murray’s Bagels

I guess I had many bagel places on my Excel list, but this was the first and only we tried and we were both amazed. It was basically empty (hello freezing cold of February) so the guys there had time to help us pick out a nice combo. I got a stuffed bagel with chicken  and bacon and Nikos got a wrap with pastrami and other meats. They both came with a side coleslaw and we devoured them. They were perfect and they kept us going almost all day!



Magnolia Bakery (Grand Central Station)


I tried a Red Velvet Cupcake (my favorite flavor) there but I didn’t like it. Too plain in flavor and really tasteless. I guess it’s all about likings and personal taste but it didn’t satisfy me. The ladies there were very kind and they didn’t let me pay once they found out I had JUST been engaged!!!


Little Cupcake Bakeshop (Nolita)


Fantastic place! It had been recommended to me by a friend and it was really worth all the praises. Cute, small, cozy with adorable chandeliers and an authentic red-brick wall. Polite staff, amazing flavors, great quality cheesecakes and fun flavor combo ideas for the cakes. Of course I got the Red Velvet Cake and Nikos got a Chocolate Cheesecake. We also got a S’mores Bar which we shared the morning after he proposed! Loved everything! For this bakeshop I’ve written before on my Our Special Day spent in New York (ring included!) post.





Doughnut Plant (Chelsea Hotel)


Honestly, words cannot describe these doughnuts. And that shop. The decoration. And that disco bathroom. Everything was great! We couldn’t choose a doughnut because all the flavors sounded delicious. Finally we ordered the peanut butter and jelly, the black out and the orange blossom one. I know flavor vary according to season and period but some are staples. I also got my first chai tea and loved it. It reminded me of Grandma’s hot tea with milk only that they had added spices. Nikos found the espresso coffee really good and he is a coffee connoisseur. We left with a huge smile! I’ve written again about those doughnuts in my Our Special Day spent in New York (ring included!) post.




Freshly engaged with my first chai tea!


The Chocolate Room (Brooklyn)

Oh the choices were endless. You could sit for a coffee and dessert, you could get anything to go! We chose a few superb chocolates to indulge in at the sunset and hit the road. Little did I know I would finally enjoy those heavenly balls of taste for breakfast having a ring on my finger!!!! We opted for the Rosemary, Lavender, Passion Fruit and other similar unforgettable flavors. They were magnificent in texture and taste! We will visit again, for sure!

Like little galaxies!


Food place in Rockefeller Centre, on the square, don’t remember the name!!


Sadly I don’t recall the name of the place (cold and hunger is a bad combination) but I took a few photos of it. It also served coffee, pastries and juices. Can you recognise it? Also, I do remember the perfect and balanced sandwich I got with baked sweet potato and kale. It was so healthy that warmed my stomach at once. unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of it! That’s how fast I devoured it!


Sports Bar and Dinner in Brooklyn , I don’t remember the name (Vol.2) !!!



Wait a minute! Before you say anything! There is an explanation! We had walked all around Chinatown, watched the New Year’s Parade, walked along Brooklyn Bridge and couldn’t help but REALLY needing to pee!!! The minute we stepped on Brooklyn, we walked dashing in the first dinner we spotted, never paying attention to the name! We did pay attention to the sweet potato fries, though, and took a few photos of the place! Does anyone recognise it??




They say that pizza ANYWHERE in Manhattan is amazing and they are right.  We even tried the pizza on Macy’s and we loved it.


Thanks to the great breakfast in the hotel we stayed (Hampton Inn, Manhattan near United Nations) we didn’t have any more room left for any other restaurants or bakeries!! For a few drinks, yes, but nothing worth mentioning. However, WE WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to ask anything you like!





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