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… all over again!!!

To all New York City lovers and connoisseurs,

I am sooo excited for our forthcoming honeymoon to New York at the end of June, that my wedding-bliss smile has become wider!! It will be the first of two stops in this trip and I can’t wait!

We have already been there two times, the last one being when he proposed, February 2016! You can read all about our special day (ring included) and see the bakeries and restaurant we tried then. In a following post I will include all the other places of food we tried during our last trip, but the main reason I am writing now is for your HELP!

What do you have to suggest for a newlywed food-loving couple of third-timers in the Big Apple? Any special/secret restaurants? Best breakfast/brunch? Any stores for baking supplies for a food blogger-baker to definitely visit? Any tasting experiences? A mind-blowing food cart? What about cooking or baking classes you have tried? Any exquisite cocktail bars? I am asking for advice from the inside! * wink-wink!  If you live there or know much of the area please guide us!  * pleading smile with sugar on top! We’ve already done the touristic parts (ferry tour, museums, sights) but this time we want to discover places, neighborhoods, hidden gems and authentic american places of food heaven!! We are surely in need of exploring Brooklyn in depth since it’s where he gave me the ring. So, what do you have to suggest for that borough?

We have come to realise that this magnificent (I typed «explosive» but all the connotations made me erase it in seconds!) city always has more to give. The more you visit the deeper and more romantic the experience. Another street to walk, another neighborhood to explore, another doughnut shop to visit, a department store, a broadway show, a film screening, a train ride, a pizza place, a flea market. The list is endless and you find yourself in love with this world and highly addicted! So, any helpful tips or ideas would be highly appreciated and would guide us through a newer version of our love for this city!

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME IN ADVANCE! I am looking forward to aaaany replies!!!

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