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3+1 Favorite places to eat in Athens

«…I couldn’t help but notice that I haven’t shared with you, here on my blog, a few of my favorite greek spots to eat in Athens.»

Hello there!

I have to share that I am sick. Stuffed nose and terrible headache. And no, it’s not the crazy bachelorette party my friends had organised for the past Saturday! It certainly is not the cocktails we sipped while catching up before the craziness begun. Nope! And I suppose, it’s not the cold champagne we enjoyed in our private mini van! Nahh! Neither the striptease a certain person performed on a certain crazy occasion on her bachelorette day! I guess it’s not all the dancing in a crazy busy club! Nor the walking around Athens without a coat holding a glittery cocktail glass! I blame the gym! I worked out on Friday and went to the car with just a sweatshirt on. I’ve been doing this all winter because I always feel scorching hot after my vigorous routine. This time it was very windy and I just knew I would get sick…It just didn’t occur to me that it would show right after my party. What a coincidence!!  * smiling sarcastically

So, to cure the hangover, as I showed you on my Instagram, I went to a cute, rustic and very traditional tavern to indulge in the best beef burger you can ever imagine. However, I couldn’t help but notice that I haven’t shared with you, here on my blog, a few of my favorite greek spots, in Athens, to eat. Besides my kitchen. So here they are, randomly enumerated.

  1. Το Λυχνίον


It is, as I mentioned, a small traditional greek tavern of rustic ambiance. The place is like a house with separate rooms of tables making the atmosphere quite cozy and intimate. The menu is quite limited but it has anything you might need. It is famous for its amazing burgers with chopped tomato on top and a dash of Tabasco. Also, it has a very interesting juicy smoked pork steak that my Fiance loves to eat every time. The fries are 100% homemade and the salads very fresh. Customers comment on their chicken ribs and its hot cheese spread. I couldn’t agree more. They also bring grilled bread slices that you can drizzle with olive oil and oregano. Mmmmm! The wine is fine, too. At the end, they serve homemade greek halvas and it tastes perfectly. The service is also fast and polite. The prices are of medium value and well worth it. Around 15 euros/person. The only thing that daunts me a bit, besides the small portion of fries (a crime, if you ask me!) is the fact that the chairs are a bit uncomfortable. However, once you get into the greek spirit of old traditional songs you forget about it.

Fork me! Fork me hard!!!!


2. Next is Tzitzikas & Mermigas in Chalandri.



It is another greek tavern but with a more sophisticated ambiance. It is roomy with lovely decoration. You definately need to book in advance, especially for Saturdays and Sundays. The cuisine is mediterranean with a wide variety of dishes. Juicy meat, crispy fresh and colorful salads, fantastic fries, and various beautiful starters will make you feel like a king. We loved the burgers wrapped with bacon accompanied with a delicious bbq sauce. The salad with the 10 different veggies was great, too! What sent my Fiance over the moon was the fried cheese drizzled with honey and served with bacon. I on the other hand loved the cheese balls with the tomato jam. Delish! The prices are rather higher than medium and that’s why you can’t visit per week. Around 15-20 euros/person. The portions are large and fulfilling, though. We highly recommend it!

Bifteki wrapped in bacon stuffed with cheese.
A very juicy pork steak.
All blurry but nice pork with honey and mustard sauce.


3. Moving on to a different cuisine is my favorite Chinese chain restaurant Noodle Bar .


I have tried a lot of dishes from this menu. The rice and the noodle selections are my favorite, though. It also has meat dishes, salads, sushi choices and desserts. And let’s not forget the starters, of which I always opt for the Spring Rolls and the spicy Bombay Potatoes. My favorite dish is Noodles with Sweet chilli sauce and those juicy baby corns, or with Curry and Coconut milk. Nikos went crazy with the Ramen Soup and our Koubaros loved the Chicken with Rice and Coconut Curry. The portions are satisfying but because everything is so tasty, I would prefer them to be larger! For some reason, in take away, they seem larger. Prices quite affordable.  Around 10 euros/person. Damn it! I need noodles now!

My love, Sweet Chilly Noodles.
Chicken with rice.


4. Last but not least is my favorite Italian Restaurant , «Osteria da Claudio», for which I have written before.




It’s adorably authentic and traditionally elegant. The food there always amazes us with its simplicity but grandeur in taste. Rich flavors but homemade and pure. We have tried a few pasta dishes and very fresh salads but we haven’t reached to the pizzas, yet. Planning to do so really soon, though. The arabiata pasta was our favorite until we tried the squid ink pasta. It might have been black and leaving your mouth with a silly and unattractive dark colour (so, try it with a long time partner or friend!!) but the taste of the cuttlefish and the general seafood aromas were explosive and pleasant. We also love their Pesto version with vegetables and potatoes, too! Whaaat? Spicy but feeling so healthy and nutritious. The prices are a bit on the high level, around 15-20 euros/person, but the quality is really high and the service very polite and helpful. They treat you like a king, filling your glasses with water and respecting the quiet ambiance of the restaurant. Plus, there is a non-smoking section which really makes our day!

Fresh and crunchy!
My black pasta!

 If you want to trust me, I can guarantee for those places. Tried and true. You will love all of them! So, come and visit Athens!





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