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Our Special Day spent in New York (ring included!)

Hello lovers of all continents!

I cannot tell you how happy and emotional I am today… It is our Ringversary and I feel very blessed to have experienced an amazing day and year with my man….Reminiscing the moments of my special day back to a year ago I feel nostalgic and proud to have this story in my life book!

I’ll try – and I’m saying «try» because no exact words can ever describe precisely the moments we both experienced- to share my story here so that you can understand and maybe experience all the feelings that make me shed a tear or two every time I think of my upcoming wedding….

He had organised almost everything for a surprise trip to… New York!! He announced that on my last birthday, January 2016,  while we were out eating our as@#$ off in an amazing restaurant here in Athens, called «Lefkes». By the way I strongly reccomend it!! So, he just needed my word for the dates. He insisted on being there for Valentine’s and happily and curiously-eagerly-didntknowwhattothinkly I said yes and that was the first one I would say to this man! Actually the second one, the first one being when he asked me to move in! He also made me swear I would not reveal this trip to ANYONE because he wanted it to be a surprise for everyone….Okay, okay, I know I should have put two and two together but I was under a lot of questioning…I didn’t want my mind to start rushing and thinking thoughts that might disappoint me at the end… He explained later on, that he didn’t want anyone to start giving me hints for what was going to come because I would be very expectant not enjoying the trip. Not that they knew anything, but they would strongly imply it and that would affect me. He was so right, knowing me very well.

I managed to tame my thoughts and my expectations because I didn’t want anything to ruin going TO NEW YOOOOORK!!! Of course I said that to my Mom, dahhh! And my sister, dahh! And my cousin…s…..dahh!! And my dance teacher, daahhhh! What? She would be worried not having me in class as we were preparing for a dance show! And, finally, one beloved friend, who was sssssoooooooo guilty as she had helped him pick out the ring but was acting surprised advising me to just enjoy my vacation not having second thoughts about anything blingy!!!

Fast forward to our exciting and magical trip, and to THAT day, we were in Little Italy trying amazing Red Velvet Cake, decadent Cheesecake and a smooth and sticky S’mores Bar in an adorable cupcake shop called» Little Cupcake Bakeshop». Wierd we didn’t get any cupcakes, right?






Off we went to China Town for the Chinese New Year parade, standing and watching in freezing  -18 C / -65 F. Thank God for the cake calories that helped me survive that extreme cold!!! After that, we walked the Brooklyn Bridge and enjoyed the merciful sun and that stunning view and clear blue sky.




I’m a brave girl with no beanie on for the sake of a different caption. I could feel the cold shaving my head!

The minute we stepped on Brooklyn we literally dashed into a sports dinner, the first restroom area we found, because the cold had made us almost pee our pants! There, relieved enough, he enjoyed a cup of coffee, me a cup of  tea (I hate coffee) and we shared sweet potato french fries. The best we ever had! Crunchy on the outside, smooth and creamy on the inside. Delicious. It is worth mentioning that at that point he had started acting weird, not wanting me to tidy his stuff and jacket on the chair, getting upset easily and all I could think was «He is tired of all the walking in the cold… dare I think….is he maybe going to…no noooo no way no…forget that Jenny and keep enjoying your day and fries! Munch munch gulp!».


Off we went to enjoy Brooklyn and, honestly, it was one of the most memorable and satisfying walks I have ever taken. The streets were filled with cute shops and cafes with fantastic window displays. I was feeling like a kid in a candy store. Literally, because we entered a cafeteria I had searched on-line (yes, I had made an excel work for all the places we needed to try food and desserts! Hello, I’m a Capricorn!) selling the most tasty chocolates with unexpected flavor combos all of you, food bloggers ,would have loved. Rosemary, passion fruit, milk chocolate and many more I unfortunately can’t recall now! It is called  «The Chocolate Room» and I strongly recommend it.


I stored the chocolates in my backpack for later indulgence and we continued our walk. The sun was starting to set, the red-brick buildings were as if in a movie and the wide, quiet streets made the whole scenery magical…



We decided we didn’t want to miss the sunset and the best place in the whole wide world to enjoy it was at the Brooklyn Bridge Park at Pier 1. There we would experience the best view of the Manhattan Skyline as we had been adviced. Nikos almost dragged me there, because I was feeling a bit worn out and because he could see that we wouldn’t catch up with the sunset after all…Too bad, but I managed to admire it while he was dragging me from pier to pier!




I said «Pier 4 looks nice, too. Let’s stay here, pleaaase!» And he was refusing to give up. He was a man on a mission, with a built dream that he couldn’t let go of! He wanted it to happen on Pier 1 and so it did…

We reached the desirable pier and finally got to sit down on one of the thousands and empty benches. The place was dark and a bit frightening.



It would have been worse if a group of girls wasn’t there admiring the view, too. Oh, the view…. I was in complete aw. The lights on the other side, the calm water running under our feet, the sweetness of the night, the lit bridge, my man, his hug…everything was so dreamy and surreal. I couldn’t believe I was in New York, living the dream for a while, sharing it with my most important man. My eyes witnessed a beauty I can’t describe and my soul felt utterly complete and right in place. Ok, of course my mind was running crazy «is he going to….nooooo nooo girl, forget it and just enjoy this miracle!» . And so I did. I relaxed completely. I was taking in as much I could to make sure my memory won’t ever forget the feeling when suddenly he kneeled in front of me and started proposing!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I couldn’t understand what was happening, I kept asking «What are you doing? What are you doing?» , I made him stop to process the whole thing. He sat by my side and when he realised I was ok he kneeled again and asked THE question! Hugs, kisses, shouting, jumping up and down followed, NOT having noticed the ring involved!!! He had put it on my finger and all I could repeatedly say was «What did you do? What did you do?» not giving it a glimpse! Because of all the excitement I had taken my beanie, scarf and gloves off but couldn’t feel the freezing cold. Or my cold-numb toes!

«What just happened?»

Printed and framed, this caption makes my heart smile and sing of joy! 

Nikos got worried I would get cold so we started our way back to the metro and to the hotel. We were so overwhelmed we just needed to put on our pyjamas, cuddle under the blanket and share our perfect chocolates at a perfect timing! Of course I bombarded him with a million questions on the way back to the metro, which made me love him even more, because while answering and feeling excited, he was trying to listen to the GPS in his head (I’m convinced this man has a GPS device installed in his brain) and read the map to make sure we won’t get lost in the middle of dark and totally empty streets! Of course I had a large smile drawn on my face for the following days and weeks and yes, the moment we reached our hotel I started jumping up and down hugging the receptionist! I just had to share the news!


Isn’t it a rose gold beauty??????

We barely managed to sleep that night and at 4 am I woke up thinking of my Mom and all our friends back in Greece. It was a proper hour there, so we started video calling one-by -one, screaming in squeaky voice showing off my bling on the camera. My Mom was almost last to know because she was out of the house doing the groceries! My sister had to tell her to run back home to internet access so that I could reach her. I could have called her but I prefered to see her face and her to see ours… Somewhere around 5.30 am New York time, the guests from next door started banging on our wall to make us quiet!! I wrote them an apology note and explained the reason why we had upset them. I left it under their room door when we got up for breakfast… We got no reply, no wishing congratulations…How rude of them! said the girl who made them lose their sleep!!!

The rest is a similar history to every freshly engaged couple. Making engagement cookies first, because that’s the most important part!


Throwing a greek traditional engagement feast, with a lot of dancing , eating and drinking, followed by months of  wedding planning, and then, reaching less than 3 months before we become husband and wife…WHAAAAAAAAAAT?


I will always have this amazing story to share with the man who exceeded my dreams and taught me what life is… Thank you for everything! I love you so…

Happy Valentine’s Everyone!



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