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Hello hello!!

It was my birthday yesterday and I had a loooovely day!! I had my man by my side, a few dear friends, cake, wedding craze and glitter! Doesn’t this sound great??

At midnight of the previous night, we cut my cake! Our koubaros was at home, so just the three of us, in our pjs and sweatpants indulged in my luscious cake! More to follow!


At noon, Nikos and me went to a wedding exhibition, tried on wedding rings, looked for wedding crowns, saw a looot of wedding dresses and my heart jumped of excitement for my very own gown! I can’t wait to put it back on! But I also wanted to try some more just for the feels…We didn’t have time for this, though! However, I touched many of them, felt their glitter and sparkle. We also admired amazing tablescapes with lit candles and flower crowns on every chair and that made me a little blue! I felt , for a moment, that maybe if my wedding was taking place in Athens, then, maybe, MAYBE, I would be able to have the venue I had dreamt of and the decoration I had visualised….However, the thought of getting ready at my hometown and my own childhood room convinced me that I have made the right choice and I have made my dream discounts for a reason. Not 100 % ,though, but I’ll get there!!! Promise!

After 3 hours, off we went to our favorite Italian place and enjoyed amazing homemade pasta! (A post on this will follow soon!!) Then, we headed back home, got ready and went out to a lovely bar and celebrated with a couple of beloved friends. Of course we had after-drink-pizza and then returned home full, happy, exhausted and 32! Oh dear Lord! Am I old???Like, when are you considered old? Where is the defining line, dude? Just tell me!!


But my cake! Oh, my cake! I made it with mixed feelings of excitement and moodiness. I didn’t know what I wanted, which cake to choose, how grand or simple I wanted it. I didn’t even know if I wanted cake in the first place! Maybe cheesecake for this 32 woman (whaaat?). What am I? A baby needing cake? I am a growwwwwwwn woman as Queen B said! I was between two choices and I made my mind to make a black forest cake. But just to be sure I asked Nikos what his preference was (I wish he could always and for the rest of my life take all my decisions for me! That would be a huuuge burden off of my shoulders!). So, he said «Cookies!», and I just went with it. Let me tell you, he was right! See for your self!


Now the recipe I found on Pinterest (so, I’m a 32-ohdearlord-year-old girl, fully indecisive and a Pinterest addict. Ok?) calls for blue food color to be used for a cookie moster cake, but I used red, instead, to bring the frosting to my pinkish likings!

It is a decadent cake with layers of smooth, velvety vanilla cake, a rich filling of cookie buttercream and a crazy tasty frosting of oreo cookies buttercream. I made half the amount to create a two-layer cake with only one but thick and full layer of the filling. You top it with chocolate ganache which is super easy to make and brings a shiny effect on the cake. I added crushed oreos on top(because what’s better than that?) and some extra melted chocolate drizzle!


I highly recommend that you make this cake even for just no reason. Even for your family to have something to nibble or simply for your pleasure and only. It’s the third day I’m eating it (and probably the last) and the actual cake is still smooth like velvet and tastier than the first day!


Thank you Kristan from Confessions of a Cookbook Queen for your adorable cake recipe! It pumped my mood and made my whole birthDay!


Evgenia! the 32-ohdearlord-year-old, Pinterest addict, indecisive girl!


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