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Chocolate Coconut Cake

Hello there friends!!

It’s been a while since I last posted…Actually a lot of time! We’ve been away for 2 weeks for the Christmas holidays and we returned to Athens last Friday.


We spent the holidays at my parents’ house and it was pretty intense. Having them around me 24/7 was a blessing and sometimes a bit of a trouble since a lot of different opinions can end up in stupid disaggreements…Does this happen to you? Whenever you visit your folks, do you feel like going back to your teenage years? Having silly disputes over nothing? But then again, because I am not a teenager anymore (thank God!) I was able to discuss everything and work it out. Especially with Mom… Oh the things she accepts from me and my silly brain! I love her for that. For many reasons but especially for her forgiving nature. I am not sure whether I have taken that from her…Probably not!


Anyways, we visited a lot of aunts and uncles, had a lot of dinner parties, ate tons of home cooked meals, gained a few pounds, and laughed a lot!


So having to say goodbye was awful.. I got used to seeing Mom every day and hugging her or listening to her. Most of all, I loved watching Nikos dealing with my family and getting to know them better and better. And THAT surely made me feel safe, relaxed and blessed. And extremely sad when we had to live….


We had a lot of adjusting to do, along with the house cleaning and going back to our routines. All those 3 weeks have been crazy busy with wedding appointments and various shopping (hoorayyyyy!) As I am writing I still have two windows open on my computer with two different invitation designs.. I keep checking them every 5 minutes until enlightenment hits me and I get to choose which one we want for the invites. But they are both amazing and we are in a horrible dilemma. I hope the universe will some how help me choose. Maybe I will get to dream of it. I have had pretty intense deep-meaning dreams for as long as I remember myself. So, I think this special «power» of mine will come in use, just like divine intervention!!


Off to the cake, bitch!

Ok, ok, I will zip it and write about the glorious cake recipe I found online to make for my Mom’s birthday while I was there.


She is a big coconut lover but also doesn’t care for desserts that are too sweet. So this cake was perfect. Moist, but not so moist. Sweet, but not too much. Chocolaty but not overpowering. Everything in balance and right to her taste. The chocolate drizzle on top was the trick bringing everything together and sealing all the flavors!


We made half of the amount and created a smaller, two-layer cake. The coconut cream filling was a little trouble for me, because, at first, I made it following all the steps, but due to the lack of appropriate whisk I couldn’t stir well and the cream, which thickens quickly, got a little burnt making it smell a little…smokey!!! So, I made a second effort and followed the steps again, and this time it came out magnificent in texture but extremely and surprisingly bitter.We honestly couldn’t understand why!!! We still can’t!!!  So, at a third attempt, I combined the two creams, added extra coconut flakes and powdered sugar, heated it a bit with a little coconut milk and brought it to a descent flavor!


Also, the melted chocolate used in the cake mixture thickened and formed pieces due to the cold weather and me not keeping it warm until it was time to use it. So it didn’t dissolve and when the cake was cut we found in some bites pieces of chocolate. And you know what? We loved it! It brought texture and crunchiness!!


Other than that, it was a success and it got better over time. Seriously, the 5th day it tasted even better than the first!!

Thank you Baked by an Introvert for this decadent Chocolate Coconut Cake Recipe! Mom enjoyed it and I loved the video, too!!


Evgenia ♥♥



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