Vassilopita (Santa’s Cake)

Hello dear friends!!

How was your Christmas celebration? Did you enjoy it? Did everything turn out the way you planned it?

Mine was at my hometown, with my parents, sister, grandma, fiance and his mother. At noon we ate our a@$# off- Mom had cooked chicken soup with eggs and lemon sauce and rosted pork with potatoes, potato salad, lettuce salad, cheesepie and I’ll stop here!!- and we welcomed the new members to our annual family tradition of exchanging gifts that are placed under the tree by Santa..YES by Santa and I’m not accepting anything less!

I felt full and blessed the whole day feeling gratefull for having all my favorite people by my side. It was our first Christmas together and everything was new to us trying to figure out the new balance… Especially when I introduced him to further aunts and uncles that joined us at night for Dad’s Name day. Too many inquisitive looks, but, thankfully, very few questions! And that’s a miracle if you come from a greek family!

Words can never describe the food bump I got from the amounts I consumed – including grandma’s homemade bread AND desserts!!!. I couldn’t put on my high waisted skirt without sucking my tummy in. Pure exercise, I’m telling you! Abdominals hard as rock!!!!

What is Santa’s Cake, girl? Stop bubbling…

Anyways, on to the next feast, just around the corner, when the first day of the year, traditionally in Greece, we slice Santa’s Cake- the Vasilopita-  which has a coin inside, put in by the baker – aka every housewife- after it is baked. If the coin is in your slice then you get money as a present and also it means that you will have the luckiest year!

Now, this cake is mostly a kind of sheet or bundt cake or more airy and light like the tsoureki or the panettone. They make it with various fruity aromas and chocolate ot fruit bits. It is also covered in chocolate glaze or simply in glorious amount of powdered sugar.

In this post I will suggest one of the best Vasilopites I have ever tried. Mom’s Lemon Cake with Lemon Glaze ,in which you can add white chocolate drops or candied fruit, is rich in flavor and velvet in texture. Suitable for after heavy meaty tastes! Tried and true.


I advice you to use pure and rich butter to enhance the flavors and bring out the aromas of the additions of your preference.

See you reaaally soon with more suggestions – otherwise the post would be a mile long!!!



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