Hearts ‘n’ Yums is celebrating a first year (and the ultimate cake)!

Hello dear friends!


How are you?  Are you feeling festive enough?  I am sure you already have everything ready for the big day to come! Lovely desserts (of course I would put it first!) , luscious meat with festive side dishes and of course bubbly drinks to toast for a wonderful Christmas Day. And you should feel proud for all this!


In the midst of Christmas preparations,  birthday celebrations and wedding arrangements I didn’t pause to realise that it has been a whole year since I gave birth to the concept of Hearts ‘n’ Yums. It’s been a full year of posts on my Facebook page and I can’t help but admire how much I have progressed finding an outlet for the creativity that rushes through me! My WordPress account is only 4 months old but the idea of having my heartsnyums space of deliciousness has been alive for 12 months and this brings a huge smile on my usual cheerful face.


My dear fiance’s birthday coincided perfectly with the birthday of my page so the decadent three-layer cake I made was justly suitable. In fact, suitable is an understatement! I’m talking about LAYERS of rich chocolate cake with cream cheese Oreo filling and fudge chocolate frosting!!!!  Did your jaw drop or not yet?  Maybe the white chocolate frosting ON TOP will get you rolling and jumping of excitement,  as you should have from the very first picture of this post!!


The recipe is pretty simple to follow and well-described. I planned ahead and made the cake,  the filling and the chocolate frosting a night before. I left the cakes on the counter to cool down completely and the filling in a bowl in the fridge. I put the frosting in the fridge, too, but the next day I had to leave it at room temperature for at least 1 hour to regain its smooth texture when it was time to assemble the cake. So,  maybe it would be best to make it before the assembling.


My advice is to make the white chocolate frosting right after you have assembled the whole «tower» and it’s chilling in the fridge. So when it’s ready, warm and runny you pour it on top. I made mine before the assembling and because of the cold weather it turned thick.I had to add milk to pour it on the cake but still, despite the perfect flavor, it had lost that perfect shiny, dripping ability and, weirdly, it had doubled in amount..


Nevertheless, the end result was amazing and charming! Everyone kept asking if it was store-bought and taking pictures of it! My best part was the cream cheese Oreo filling (I love any cream cheese dessert) and I thought it balanced perfectly with the richness of the cake.


My final advice is when you layer the cake to stop the process at the final layer and place it in the fridge for 10′. Then to frost it and chill it again. Frost it again and keep in fridge for 3-4 hours and then at room temperature, if served the same day.


Well,  Michelle has it all under control at her blog and you can fully and blindly trust her. I know I did and I proved her right!

Thank you Michele for your Ultimate Cookies and Cream Oreo Cake . We all loved it!

Good luck everyone!  And have a Very Merry Jolly and Bright Christmas!!


Evgenia 💝💝🎁🎊🎆🎄🎅



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