Random Thoughts

Chritsmas Party Props

Do you want to save time? Here, I’ll show you what I found after hours of Pinterest searching for fun props for my guests to play with when taking photos!

  1. FREE PRINTABLE CHRISTMAS PHOTO BOOTH PROPS AND SIGNS from Elegance and Enchatment for my special readers to print and cut out and staple on thick straws! That’s what I did and they were too cute!
  2. CRAZY CUTE CHRISTMAS PHOTO BOOTH PROPS from Indulgy to continue the fun and satisfy all tastes!

( Extra idea : What about giving your plain napkins a festive character? From Princess Pinky Girl want. need. love. )


BONUS photos of some of us having fun with the props!


Aaahhhhh, we had a lovely time! And that gives me ideas…………..

Join the spirit of love, you guys!

Evgenia ♥♥



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