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Christmas Yums (or my last Christmas Eve Name Day Gift Exchange Pyjama Party- there, I said it!)

I think it’s about time I started posting ideas for naughty and nice Christmas food. A jolly bowl of deliciousness to hold snuggling on the sofa, a holly devine dessert to amaze your guests, cute and fun  appetizers for your PJ party or other toothsome treats taking you through the holidays making sure you keep your spirits up!

Last year in my pre-blog and pre-engagement (wow!) era, I decided to throw a big Christmas Eve  Name Day Gift Exchange Pyjama Party (to lure him into marrying me for being super social and a lovely hostess, haha!) of 20 beloved friends on the 24th December. Days of planning ahead, and hours of preparations made me happier than ever, wiser and all the more certain that my guests would definitely enjoy all the delicacies I was going to make!

As I said, it was a pre-blog period so I hadn’t taken any -but very few- pictures of the recipes I made. Sad. But thanks to my Pinterest account – God-sent – I had saved many of them. Unfortunately, the ones I made following Mom’s recipes are not photographed, or for some reason they are deleted. Very sad. Hopefully, over the days I will make them again and give them the attention they deserve!!

The following are ideas tried and, trust me, more than true! They will have your guests nibbling until the early hours accompanying their wine or punch.

  1. These two simple but very charming cheese platters are decorated in such a fun and festive way. They were an instant hit.

        2. The pigs-in-a-blanket wreath was made with the dough from my Homemade Pizza from scratch because I hate ready-made dough. I didn’t add BBQ sauce, but ketchup and mustard, instead, to give a hot dog taste. It caught all the eyes, it came out exactly like the picture and it was dead easy to make! And to pull apart!!


3. I also made my beloved and so so delightful Bread Balls with rosemary and pepper!


4. These Accordion Potatoes with Sausage and Bacon intrigued them fully and none was left! So easy to make by just slicing them half way through to give them their distinctive shape, adding the meat in-between and topping them with oil combined with mashed garlic, salt, pepper and paprika. Bake them for about 50′ until they’re soft and baked. Tadaah!


5. This saliva-worthy and jaw-dropping recipe of Kataifi Cheesepie raised the bar and set a world record for the best cheesepie ever! Being fair and subjective! Its rich, cheesy and buttery flavor goes excellently with the kataifi dough creating a smooth end product with velvet bites!


6. A cooler and fresher note was brought by a darling Mediterranean Tortellini Salad with red wine vinaigrette. Honestly, I chose it to bring a balance to the whole menu, with its fresh vegetables and vinegar. Plus, it’s the kind of salad anyone would eat and it even covers the liking of pasta-lovers.


7. Don’t forget to offer raw vegetables to your guests on any kind of gathering. I have found that washed and cut-into-stripes carrots and cucumbers offer a very welcome touch of pure freshness in between rich flavors. I usually place them standing in a glass or in a pretty bowl, depending on the amount, and everyone can easily take one and nibble.

8. Leaving the meat recipes for another post, with pictures and proper presentation and description, I’m moving on to the sweeter side. Those Reindeer Oreo Balls were such a joy to make. I laughed a lot and although I knew they weren’t going to look as good as in the pictures, still, they were lovely and festive. Everyone enjoyed them and indulged. PS. I think the key to any chocolate-covered balls is to let them freeze for a while before coating them. 😉


9. This enticing dessert got my heart. It combines my favorite, ok, my second favorite since red velvet is my first true love, banoffee flavor and my love for chocolate. It can look very Christmas-y and winter-y and not even a single mouth resisted to try it. Mmmms and woooows were heard constantly over this Banoffee Roulade.

Banoffee Roulade1.jpg
That’s my darker and more festive version of decoration!

10. Finally, I’d like to share with you the Christmas Fruit Punch I created after hours of browsing through the Net. I combined bits and pieces and made a recipe on my own. After the first couple of friends came , we made our first toast. When they tasted it, they said that something needed to be added. Or made stronger? Or more lemon-y, I think? Well, it’s all blur to me because after hours and days of preparation, cooking and table setting (will post more decorative ideas soon), an hour of making me look descent as a host, in my pyjamas (thank God, because I wouldn’t be able to assemble an outfit), being a little nervous and after the first glass of punch, the adrenaline rushed and I just relaxed and went along with the night. And the alcohol…! So, I guess it had

  • cranberry juice
  • lemon juice
  • orange juice
  • soda
  • vodka
  • 7up
  • apple cider
  • frozen cranberries
  • cheap champagne
  • in plastic flutes that didn’t even cling!!!!! (but were decorated with glitter glue, of course!)

I hope I inspired you to throw your own kind of party this year, with love and thoughtfulness for your dear friends and family.

Happy Holidays from last-year-in-my-pjs-me!


Evgenia ♥♥



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