Random Thoughts

Christmas Treats

Hello there friends!

How was your weekend? Any Christmas shopping?

Me, just browsing, yet. Window shopping or on-line gazing! And while I was searching, I stumbled upon a few delightful holiday treats that I’d love to taste but above all to share with you!

Look at those adorable Santa Cheesecake Hats from Cooking Classy! The seem delicious and so much fun to make!


What about this Santa Crunch Popcorn idea from Two Sisters Crafting? I’m thinking movie night, snuggling on a sofa, X-mas Pj’s on and a big bowl of that popcorn! Magic!


How I would love to munch on this Christmas tree of Sausage Wraps from Living Locurto! The only tree you would want to un-decorate!!!


That’s the star gazing I mean! Posh Piggies are here to clear your gloomy nights (and plates)!


And finally, something to keep us warm through the cold nights and grumpy fights!! This Grinch Hot Chocolate, from Cooking Curls, with a Naughty or Nice twist, seems perfect to bring color into your kitchen and cure your blues.


I hope I inspired you (again)! Let us all have a Merry Little Christmas!


Evgenia ♥♥



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