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Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

Now, I know, I know, maybe it’s a little late for a 25-day calendar. Why not make a 15-day one? Or, if you’re not a fan of this idea, this post is for fun and cute proposal for love gifts! So read along, please, and join the spirit!

Last year, I made an advent calendar for Nikos and Mom. You know, the one with all 25 little thoughtful presents for them to open every day of December leading up to Christmas Day.

I had bought a lot of small silly gifts I knew they would appreciate. For Mom it was nail polish, small soaps, nail file, aromatic tea or chocolates and for my Fiance it was x-mas socks, Christmas shaped pasta, funny handkerchiefs, marshmallows and other trivial but happy gifts.

Isn’t this reindeer darling? 
Gifts and stars and candles pasta!

At some point I was out of ideas and inspiration -and money as well- so I had to find a lovely but cheap present. After a search in the web I had found it! Cookie jars! Meaning, jars (we all have empty jars of peanut butter or jam sitting in the cabinets for later use) filled with solid ingredients to be mixed by the recipient with milk or butter so that they can make cookies on their own! The recipe, and the steps of course, were written on cute little labels I  had made and hang with ribbons around the lid.


They are fun to make, easy and creative. They can be stored for a long time and they always help other kitchens smell like Christmas, too!  The above is for Gingerbread Cookies !

I also made a jar for Cranberry and White Chocolate Cookies !

This photo from Cul-de-saccool is amazing!

Once I made them I couldn’t stop! I thought «Why not make Hot Cocoa Jars too?» and boom!


I filled it with his favorite hot coca mix and added marshmallows, m&ms and crushed candy canes for a spicy result. Cool, ha?

I also used left over marshmallows in a tiny jar and wrote on top «INSTANT HAPPINESS»!

I came across another idea I loved but didn’t finally make due to lack of time. It’s Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Candy Canes and they seem very easy and cool.


In addition, I felt the need to include small notes of love or small notes reminding Mom it was time for her Christmas manicure appointment and Nikos, that it was a christmas movie night!

Finally, I looked on-line for cheap tickets for special shows or events and I booked one for Nikos. It was a food event of cheese tasting which I knew he would really appreciate since he is a true cheese fan. It cost 8 euros! Plus, he came back home with cheese, jams and bread sticks he bought there. Win-win!

Just remember, if you do book tickets for events, try to put them in the calendar in an earlier day than the one of the show, so that he or she can plan ahead!

That’s all from me folks! I hope I inspired you enough to show the love and join the Christmas Love Spirit!

Love love love,

Evgenia ♥♥



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