PIZZA CAKE (what?)

As my Fiance’s name day and birthday are approaching I remember last year’s cake I had made him. I had found thousands of recipes of decadent and very appealing sugary cakes with sauces and buttercream and layers on layers and fillings and chunks and bites… I was in aw.

Suddenly I stumbled upon an unconventional recipe of a birthday cake that cleared all my dilemmas. I knew THIS would be a cake to remember for sure!!! And it worked! He was more than excited and surprised indeed! He couldn’t stop admiring it and trying to perceive what was in front of his eyes. My masterpiece! Even I couldn’t fathom I had succeeded…It was a first for me, too, and I was a bit nervous for the outcome. I used the recipe for my Homemade Pizza Dough so it was tasty and right. The filling was sweet and savor at the same time, with the perfect amount of cheesiness and moisture! Every bite was a step closer to heaven…I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story and the recipe guide you through.

Just follow the recipe below and bring it to your liking! I added cheddar cheese and replaced the pepperoni with beer salami. My advice is to be generous on the sauce to balance out the amount of pizza dough on every bite!

I have to congratulate Shawn for this brilliant pizza cake she helped come to surface!

As I read and read this post I can’t help but wonder….I’M DOOMED! What am I going to bake him this year that will exceed last year’s perfection? Go figure! If you have any suggestions please fire away!

Did you get what just happened y’all? WOW! It still amazes me!

Evgenia ♥♥



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