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Brownie Batter Loaf Cake

Hello heartsnyumers!!! I’m back! Listening to Ariana’s Side to Side on repeat!!


After a crazy busy weekend at my hometown and lots of wedding errands, hold on….oups! I never thought these two words would ever appear side by side- romantic soul and all- but at some point it felt tiresome and stressful and I couldn’t wait to get back home, on my sofa, holding a cup of tea and take my mind elsewhere than wedding thoughts!


Now wait a moment! What the fudge happened to me? I should be constantly smiley and tireless when talking flowers and tulle, right? Even if it takes more than 1 hour -AT EVERY SHOP, right?? I love anything that has to do with wedding planning, and anyone who knows me well can verify this! Why is this happening?? Am I sick?? Hallucinating?? Oh dear… I hope I get over it soon!

Bake the brownie and then, on top, pour the cake batter swiftly and bake again.

To shake the stress away (as Rihanna frankly stated in my beloved song Please don’t stop the music) I made a fantastic loaf cake twice the previous weak! Once for Nikos (ok..for me, too) and twice for my Mom, since I was going to see her at the weekend. Everyone loved it and loads of «mmm» and «aahhh» were heard in every bite. It has to be registered as one of my best Pinterest Try-Outs. It looks and tastes store-bought but in reality it’s the easiest, moistest and most fun loaf cake you can bake to amaze friends and significant others! That double black and white color is what it’s all about!


I followed the instructions of the recipe step by step and it came out perfect! The only thing I added in the white cake batter was orange zest  and vanilla-the first time- and rose water- the second time- to add extra flavors that go well with the fudgy brownie bottom. Slourp! On top, I added chocolate pieces when the cake was still hot from the oven and let them melt on their own. Slourp again!


I found it in Rasa Malaysia, Bee’s extraordinary recipe blog, and it was love at first sight! I’m warning you , you will be addicted!



I’ve been here all night, I’ve been here all day.  And boy, got me walkin’ side to side….

Evgenia ♥♥



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