Random Thoughts

A cry for fellow bloggers’ advice.

The weather is horrible here in Athens today. As we speak, it’s raining cats and dogs and my poor little pot of basil was blown off the balcony table and fell on the floor, traumatized and sad. Don’t laugh, I saw it looking at me all sad and terrified.

Well, maybe it’s the melancholy I’ve been feeling the past couple of days speaking. Ok, maybe the basil didn’t actually LOOK at me…

On my sofa, holding a cup of wise (read till the end to see why) tea, I realised I’ve been thinking, lately, of how the friends in my life lead their own lives, filled with obligations and appointments, filled with other firend cycles and how they have different needs and views of what helps them relax and enjoy their free hours. Sometimes, months pass by without having exchanged an actual word through the phone, but I still know they think of me. And then, all it takes is a looong chat over coffee or tea (or a shared cannoli) to catch up with everything and revive our feelings and relationship.

Some other times, however, it makes me wonder, how difficult it can be for such busy – and I mean it- friends to click on my shared post, visit my blog and actually READ what I write and what I publish… I know not everyone is in cooking or food blogging, but all I can think of is that for the sake of support, love and frienship it seems obligatory -to me- to show support and appreciation to a friend who is at the very beginning of a new path… If not friends and family, who else is going to stand by you?

My blog is new – 2 months old- and the views are low and occasionally it bums me, but mostly I feel happy for what I have accomplished. Why can’t other beloved people – with the exception of a handful- be happy and show interest, too? After all, it’s not just food we write about in here, right?

So, please, fellow bloggers, tell me about your story, and how it was at the beginning? Did your friends support you by clicking and reading and sharing? How did it feel?

And then again, it might be the melancholy talking…

Anyways… Thank you in advance to those who will bother to leave a comment.

With- confused- love,

Bummed Evgenia ♥♥

P.S. The little red label in the picture was attached to my tea bag and writes » To create means to love, to love means to hope, to hope means to live. Life’s equations are simple!!»

And I think I got my answer, just like that…



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